The Transformation Agency

What Can You Expect?

The Transformation Agency was formed in 2010 by Tess Cope from a passion of helping clients discover and harness their highest potential. Clients include the organisation itself as well as leaders (and leadership teams) within the business. 

Some of this discovery will involve tuning into future possibilities and distilling a clear sense of purpose. It will also include figuring out what is constraining or blocking the potential (and performance). 

This is where the systemic lens can add real AND rapid value by zooming out to introduce a wider perspective. The systemic approach helps to illuminate any hidden dynamics/challenges/blockages and provides a clear path and practical steps to enable forward momentum.

We work with clients from various sectors across the globe and have experience across all levels of leadership. Our clients particularly appreciate the way we REALLY listen to their needs and bring tailored solutions alongside a pragmatic approach.

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Why Work With Us?

We’ve been in business ourselves – we know what it feels like when the system you operate in feels heavy, stuck, energy sapping – and you keep bumping up against those unhelpful repeating patterns that create those all too familiar déjà vu moments.

We understand what’s it’s like to confront commercial challenges and have those difficult conversations that you’d simply rather avoid.

We know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’ve done a great job – but now find yourself in a constantly revolving door – not going anywhere and desperately trying to figure out how to take the first and next step.

Our purpose is to facilitate systemic breakthroughs that enable clients to break free of these limiting and repeating patterns so that they can discover and harness their full potential.

Our promise is to:

  • REALLY listen to your needs

  • FLEX our approach so that it’s tailored for you – at the outset and throughout our engagement together

  • Say what we mean AND mean what we say – INTEGRITY is core to who we are


We believe in walking the talk.

“Lifting the Lid for Transformation” – Speak up Challenge

Tess is a masterful coach and facilitator

Is Your Coaching Creating Sustainable Breakthrough Results?

We have over two decades of coaching experience with leaders at all levels, across a range of sectors and geographies. We have gathered a vast range of tools along the way and can honestly declare, the systemic approach has made the biggest difference in helping clients achieve sustainable breakthrough results.

The impact on the client and the wider ecosystem/s has been immense. We’ve witnessed dramatic increases in engagement, energy, flow and meaningful dialogue – all enabling increased performance. The ultimate satisfaction for us is seeing clients discover, harness AND step into their highest potential.

As part of our passion for sustainability, we want to help build the systemic approach to coaching more widely, and ultimately, across the globe. You can find more details of our systemic coaching training here.