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Creating Precious Space

Womens Retreat

Last Autumn I was privileged to co-facilitate our inaugural Intimate Leadership Retreat for Women. As I prepare for our next women’s retreat, I can’t help but reflect on some of the special moments with a fabulous group of women last year. The space to explore… One of the significant elements we wanted to design into […]

Authentic Leadership: What does it really mean?

When we talk about authentic leadership, what does it actually mean? Is it being clear about your purpose, vision and core values, and living day-by-day and moment-to-moment in a way that’s truly aligned to these – even when it’s really challenging and tough decision have to be made? That’s how I’ve come to see it […]

Is it time to wake up?

I know how to be busy, being busy! And whilst that can be a productive (and often satisfying) way of being – it’s not always our most energising and life affirming. Over the past few years, I’d been experiencing a consistency of messages and gentle nudges coming to me (from lots of sources) and frankly, […]

Systemic Horse Coaching

Horses’ wisdom surpasses that of our human counterparts in so many ways. They have been on this planet for more than 50 million years and have a quiet, deep wisdom that we can learn a lot from – if only we can truly listen. I incorporate horses in my systemic coaching and share more about […]

Who’s Teaching Who?

equine facilitated learning

They have been on this planet for 65 million years – they have served us for tens of thousands of years – and they have so much to teach us, if only we can listen… I share more with you about my approach to equine facilitated learning. Horses can teach us so many things… …things that […]

Discovering Your Soul Journey

Soul Journey

Wow. I’ve just completed an awesome 3 days with Nic Askew, from Soul Biographies, where I have had the opportunity to reach into my deeper being and allow my soul journey to be seen and ‘speak to me’ – in the suspense of time that was beautifully held. Soul Journey does sound a bit of an […]