Systemic Horse Coaching

Horses’ wisdom surpasses that of our human counterparts in so many ways. They have been on this planet for more than 50 million years and have a quiet, deep wisdom that we can learn a lot from – if only we can truly listen. I incorporate horses in my systemic coaching and share more about […]

Who’s Teaching Who?

equine facilitated learning

They have been on this planet for 65 million years – they have served us for tens of thousands of years – and they have so much to teach us, if only we can listen… I share more with you about my approach to equine facilitated learning. Horses can teach us so many things… …things that […]

Are you carrying too much?

Carrying too much

As a leader in your business, do you carry more than that which belongs to you – without realising it? Through our systemic approach to working with leaders, we can help you get underneath and beyond these patterns of behaviour. Do you recognise yourself in these statements: Take a moment to read through these and […]