Wow. I’ve just completed an awesome 3 days with Nic Askew, from Soul Biographies, where I have had the opportunity to reach into my deeper being and allow my soul journey to be seen and ‘speak to me’ – in the suspense of time that was beautifully held.

Soul Journey does sound a bit of an ‘odd’ phrase, and some might even call it cliché.  My way of ‘holding it’, is to think about why I’m here.  What is my real purpose? – What makes this all worthwhile? What brings me absolute joy and my heart sing? What is the magnet that draws me out of bed in the morning?  What is the point??

Now I know, really know…..

My soul journey is to help more leaders get truly connected – first of all with themselves and then with their people and I utilise the majestic spirit of horses as the catalyst – that’s the point – that’s why I’m here….

I believe that if leaders are truly connected, and we consider the systemic perspective, they & their people can do amazing things – that’s what creates break-through performance.

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling (whose most renowned book is ‘Dancing with Horses’) demonstrates this connection beautifully – what would it be like if leaders could ‘dance with their people’ – moving in harmony, step by step, drawing in close and also able to move together at a distance – enabled by absolute trust, empathy, clear communication and whilst staying in the leadership role……

See Klaus in action here:

If you’d like to be a leader that is truly connected – if you want to reach into your deeper being and go beyond traditional coaching, I can help.   Let’s have a conversation…feel free to comment below, tweet me or drop me an email.