equine facilitated learning

They have been on this planet for 65 million years – they have served us for tens of thousands of years – and they have so much to teach us, if only we can listen…

I share more with you about my approach to equine facilitated learning.

Tony Stromberg, Horse Medicine

Horses can teach us so many things…

…things that are profound, significant and yet sometimes, also very subtle.
Horses know how to really be in the present moment and, at the same time, be constantly scanning multiple dimensions and systems. They scan for safety, for sustenance and to maintain their sense of coherence and belonging.

They can teach us to find our place in our own herd – how to ensure that all members of ‘our herd’ have a role to play and are equally valued for that role. How often in business (and in our families), do we forget to ensure that all parts of our organisations are recognised for their contribution, and ensure they know they have a place from which to add value? It’s an easy mistake to make…especially during times of constant re-organisation.

Equine facilitated learning (how horses can facilitate our learning)

I often incorporate my horse herd into the coaching work I do with clients – especially when the client wants to explore their own leadership and/or their leadership dilemmas. This might be to look at the systemic patterns that are emerging within the client’s organisation.

Horses are very sensitive and alert to patterns that are held consciously and often, less consciously by the client. They serve as excellent teachers as they will very quickly signal what needs attention to restore order and completeness within a ‘system’. (You can read more about Systemic Mastery here.)

Other insights gained may also be about the client themselves and the deeper shifts that need to be triggered in order that they can fully take their place as a connected and authentic leader. By achieving this level of congruency, they will be better placed to navigate and lead their team/s through an evolving context.

Working with horses can trigger big shifts

From the experience I have had thus far in working with horses, for myself and with clients, I can sincerely say that doing this kind of work can trigger significant and sustainable shift s – in our sense of identity, our behaviour, and in our mindset.

I work with clients so as to enable them to fully ‘lean into’ these shifts that can be sustained way beyond the time with the horses, out into their personal and professional lives.

I have a great example of some of this work that I did with a client, Phil Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions. In fact he shares his shifts with you in this video:

Are you intrigued about how working with horses (i.e. equine facilitated learning) could create the precious space for you to culminate these kinds of mindset or behavioural shifts? Please do ask me any questions below and I’d be pleased to answer them for you. I do share more on my Facebook Page too – so be sure to join me there.