Discoveries during the coaching journey have enabled me to achieve

Leadership Coaching

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably interested in coaching because you’re in one of two places right now:
  • You’ve had a successful leadership journey so far, and you’re trying to figure out where you are going next – perhaps you’re at a bit of a crossroads/threshold moment and want to make sure you take the right next step

  • You’re feeling like you’re stuck in old repeating patterns that aren’t serving you (or have been on the receiving end of feedback that suggests this) and are potentially self-sabotaging your leadership and/or future potential. It’s time to dig deep and get to root causes thereby enabling you break free, show up and harness your highest potential

We provide a whole system, whole person approach to leadership coaching that is anchored in the organisational context. Our ultimate aim is to enable clients to distil their sense of identity, discover (or rediscover) their sense of purpose AND to step forward into their highest potential as a leader (in all senses of the word).
Tess lights a fire that will burn brightly

Our approach creates a safe and highly confidential environment, and will be tailored to each individual, to include:

  • 360 stakeholder feedback at the outset, check-in calls with key sponsors along the way and a full 360 report at conclusion

  • Identifying the root causes for limiting patterns, beliefs and behaviours AND releasing and transforming them

  • Discovering and distilling a sense of identity, purpose and core values that ultimately enable the client to make conscious choices on how they are showing up

  • The incorporation of a range of leading-edge diagnostics, methodologies (including systemic horse coaching – watch the video) and tools – tailored to meet the client’s needs, the starting point and their context

Leadership Coaching A Systemic Approach

How we work together

How we will work together

We will utilise zoom technology wherever feasible however, in the early stages of the coaching journey, we dedicate space and quality time together in order to build the safe and confidential container of trust that is necessary for systemic inquiry and robust coaching. With this is mind, we have dedicated client space onsite (with overnight accommodation) which is especially helpful for those clients travelling from further afield

Systemic Horse Coaching

One of the unique aspects of our work is to incorporate horses as learning partners if/when this feels right for the client.

This is NOT about horsemanship. Our equine partners provide you with an opportunity to give you immediate insights and a clear, unfiltered understanding of your impact. The horse will react to you exactly as you present yourself, reflecting your leadership style, how it’s perceived and received.

It’s about developing your leadership consciousness. Leadership isn’t just about getting people from one place to the other or undertaking the immediate ‘task at hand’. Leadership is about how we inspire, how we ignite and enable others to take the journey with us – its about followership. Its about enabling true willingness versus compliance.

With the systemic approach, Tess helped me maximise my strengths
Tess Cope - Horse coaching
TEss, the horses and the team worked with us in a calm and safe environment