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Retreats provide an opportunity to step off the fast track, and:

It’s also a perfect opportunity to stop DOING, and JUST BE.

We partner with fellow systemic facilitators across the globe to offer enchanting, provocative retreats where a safe container is built from the moment you sign up – we absolutely believe that the space we create together, matters.

We very much look forward to welcoming you soon.

Is your transformation agenda at risk of being derailed?

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Join The Systemic Leadership Retreat

Develop your Systemic Leadership lens

Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th December 2023

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The Systemic Business School

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The Transformation Agency

Retreat Hosts

Tess has over 25 years’ experience of leading cultural transformation from the inside, but also as an external guide.

Having held a variety of senior roles, including Board level responsibility herself, she is committed to the leadership agenda.

Tess has experience of working globally and with the public sector, public limited companies as well as large family owned organisations in multiple sectors. 

Tess is an ICF accredited coach and has been deeply involved in constantly building her systemic capability since 2011. 

She delights in helping senior leaders, look at a challenge from a new dimension and ultimately support them to find a path through to breakthrough.  

Tess published her first book on systemic coaching (HARNESS – a systemic approach to revolutionise your coaching) in 2021 and is looking forward to her second publication (about working with teams) in September 2023. 

She has a passion for building the systemic lens with senior leaders in service of helping them create a positive environment for employees and ultimately strengthening the organisation.

Tess Cope

The Transformation Agency

Barbara studied Business Administration and worked over a decade in financial organisations in management positions in the Netherlands and abroad. 

‘I am constantly curious to find out what the good (systemic) reasons are that things are the way they are. 

Zooming out to wider systems is part of my natural way of being and doing. 

Always ready to be courageous ánd vulnerable. 

Not afraid of harsh reality ánd in service of mildness and gratitude. 

I love to spread systemic work as a healthy virus, through trainings, workshops, constellations and coaching.’

Then she worked as independent mediator in organisational and family conflicts for 11 years until 2015, when the systemic work fully took her into service. 

She lives with her husband Michiel, three children and dog Tex in the beautiful old countryside of Texel.  

‘I enjoy how the Texel sheep are hopping funny in the meadow and I feel vital, partly thanks to the year-round swimming in the (Wadden) sea.’

Barbara Hoogenboom

Barbara Hoogenboom

Systemic Business School