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70% of Transformation initiatives FAIL to hit their target ambitions.

  • Never before have we experienced such a high level of turbulence, unpredictability, and complexity. 
  • Change has shifted from a planned and manageable programme to a fundamental condition of survival.
  • Business demands continue to expand relentlessley whilst engagement is disintegrating under the surface

So let me start with a question - is this sustainable?

Surely something has to give?

We can't keep adding to the list, whilst the system us at breaking point

Systemic Change Coaching

Does this sound familiar?

REMEMBER: 70% of transformation initiatives fail

So the real question is:

What are the 30% doing to succeed? (And how can YOU get some of that)

Organisations that manage transformation successfully are able to:

And Claim your 1:1 Coaching Bonus

The truth is, what's going on in the wider system is often seen and experienced more acutely within HR.

Doing the same thing will get you the same results.

By building your systemic capability, and increasing the systemic intelligence within the leadership community, you can create movement

It's time to revolutionise your approach

You need to build  new capabilities

and get the right tools...

That's whyI'm launching The Systemic Lens  Membership.

I'm Tess Cope