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The Systemic Academy

Our Mission

We are dedicated to help you identify the deep rooted, systemic issues that might be restricting the organisation, (and individuals within it) and ultimately equip you to facilitate movement towards the highest potential.
The Systemic Academy incorporates a portfolio of leading-edge programmes, of various duration and formats, specifically designed to build systemic capability INSIDE the organisation.  Each programme is designed to develop and embed specific mastery in the dimensions of coaching, team leadership, and leading change.
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Systemic Academy Membership

The Systemic Lens Membership

The indispensable Community for senior leaders architecting change:

The Systemic Lens Membership is designed to equip you with the latest systemic philosophies, tools and techniques that can be immediately applied to your change agenda.

This virtual Membership is multi-dimensional. It incorporates a series of monthly deep dives with leading edge global trainers in the field of systemic work, virtual resources on demand, fortnightly Q&A sessions and a confidential community of like-minded leaders to share ideas and harvest best practice.

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Systemic Academy Masterclass

Team Leadership - Virtual Masterclass Series

Equipping you with a systemic lens to get underneath and beyond dysfunctional team dynamics.
A series of themed Masterclasses that will help develop your systemic lens so as to build your capability to recognise when you have a systemic issue in your team and how to address it.

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Systemic Academy Coach

The Systemic Coach

An accredited, leading edge 12 month coaching programme for leaders who take their role of coaching inside the organisation, seriously.

This holistic programme will gradually build and embed your capability to handle deep rooted, systemic issues in a 1:1 setting. It is designed to develop your confidence and competence to safely hold and work with colleagues and direct reports as you help them untangle and move beyond limiting patterns.

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